Meet the Coach 

Jon Kelly 


Jon Kelly, the man that the MXT Oger represents, started martial arts at 9 years old with Taekwondo and Judo. He rose to the rank of 6th Degree black belt as one of the youngest ever in Canada. He Medaled Nationally twice and coached a junior national champion and the junior national team at the Junior Pan Ams in 2004. Jon produced numerous black belts and champions and at one point oversaw a chain of 5 schools with hundreds of students.


In 2006 Jon fell in love with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and never looked back. He has 10 years under his belt of training BJJ, Boxing, Muay Thai and Wrestling. He fought in many BJJ tournaments as well as Pro and Amateur MMA. Jon’s real love though is coaching. He took his coaching abilities from 25 years coaching Taekwondo and applied them to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. MXT Fight Academy has been very successful at local tournaments in the Kids and Adults Divisions. Jon has also cornered close to 30 Pro and Amateur MMA bouts.