Mike Meahan 

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Coach Mike Meahan has been an avid supporter of MXT since it’s inception. Starting with Professor Kelly in late 2008 Mike has been with the team since the beginning. He and his son Micky were both students from the original adult and youth classes and have remained loyal to this day. After receiving his blue belt from Professor Edgard Lucke, Mike began assisting Professor Kelly with coaching the youth class. This is where he found his niche for being a coach, working with students and helping them grow through Jiu Jitsu. Now many years later Coach Mike continues to take great pride in teaching his students the philosophy’s of Jiu Jitsu and supporting his team. Although not a regular competitor Mike has competed locally and internationally, including the IBJJF World Masters. He continues to support the many well run tournaments throughout the Maritimes and has a great appreciation for all Jiu Jitsu teams in the area. Mike enjoys the competition aspect of BJJ but really enjoys the day to day training and has a real appreciation for the hidden benefits that come with it. He is a big advocate of the self defence aspect of the art also. Coach Mike assists in coaching the amateur MMA program at MXT, and has cornered several fighters over many years.


Mike also enjoys and admires Boxing, Judo, Wresting, Muay Thai, Lethwei and many sports including hockey and baseball. For Coach Mike Jiu Jitsu has acted as a catalyst for him in many ways. He states he found the art in a pivotal time in his life. Although training different martial arts and playing numerous sports over the years, nothing made the positive impact that Jiu Jitsu has for him. While training Jiu Jitsu it helps in all areas of his life. From his family, mental and physical health, community and his career, Jiu Jitsu has played a very big part in helping him become the man he is today. Now with his own Academy MXT BJJ Saint John West, Mike looks forward to continuing growing Jiu Jitsu throughout the community and hopes that he can help people become their best on the mats and in life. Mike thanks his coaches Jon Kelly, Edgard Lucke and Mestre Max Trombini as well as his teammates and students for all their continued support. Also a special thanks to his wife Amy, and children, Micky and Piper for embracing the Jiu Jitsu lifestyle enabling him to do what he loves and sharing his joy for it.